Amazing Celebrity Cars – They Definitely Have Great Car Insurance

Published on November 26, 2017
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Ah, lifestyles of the rich and famous…we’re talking private jets, yachts, mansions and yes, of course luxury cars. As average people not worrying about high power financial advisors or car insurance payments worth more than our apartment, these may be hard to relate to but still fun to view! So check out these celebrities who have the luxury of splurging on outrageous cars.

Paris Hilton: Bentley GT Continental, Estimated at $285K

Seriously, what doesn’t Paris Hilton do? She’s not just a high profile socialite, she’s also an actress, singer, businesswoman and TV personality. Not to mention, she probably doesn’t even need a financial advisor for help with her car insurance policies for her eight cars. In particular, her Barbie Dream Car is worth mentioning. This Bubblegum Pink car is a Custom Pink Bentley GT Continental. We wouldn’t expect anything else from Paris.

Paris Hilton Bentley GT Continental 285K

Paris Hilton: Bentley GT Continental, Estimated At $285K

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