These Are The Healthiest Sports For Men

Published on 11/27/2022

Sport is fun, brings you physical success and keeps you fit all around. If you also want the most health benefits, we recommend these sports.

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These Are The Healthiest Sports For Men

Tennis is good For The Heart and Muscles

Tennis is number 1 in the study. Compared to the average Danish population, a passionate tennis player added an average of 9.7 years to their lives. But what are the advantages of the racket sport? The fitness factor is very high: The mix of speed and strenght endurance is ideal for full-body training – playfully.  Tennis is also good for your heart, because the ball sport trains the cardiovascular system optimally. Your coordination and the entire musculature from head to toe also benefit from a tennis session with your buddy.

Badminton Increases The Ability To React And Burn Calories

Similar to tennis, badminton uses the entire musculoskeletal system. Running, jumping, turning are among the repetitive movements on the playing field. In order to hit a ball at speeds of up to 300 km/h, you need good reactions, speed, balance and coordination. In addition, you train your concentration. Impressive: During a 90-minute game, professionals run an average of 7.3 kilometers. You burn 1,000 kilocalories.

Football Strengthens Endurance And The Cardiovascular System

In the ranking of the study, football as a popular sport is in 3rd place behind tennis and badminton. Why is that? In addition to speed, you primarily train endurance. Depending on their position, a professional soccer player today covers more than 10 kilometers per game. If you kick a lot, you can easily build up a good condition. But in football, in contrast to jogging, the focus is on acyclic movements. The interval runs with high speeds and acceleration phases strengthen you. As a result, you primarily challenge the white muscle fibers that you need for explosive movements

Cycling Trains The Lungs

According to the study, regularly getting on the bike and pedaling extended the life of the test subjects by 3.7 years. Cycling reduces stress hormones and the brain receives more oxygen. As a current study by scientists from Tübingen shows, cycling even boosts self-confidence. In addition, your sleep will be more restful and deeper. The lungs also benefit from the same rhythm of activity. As a result, your respiratory organs fill up evenly and you strengthen your respiratory muscles, the ventilation of your lungs improves and even protects against infections. Pneumologists therefore recommend cyclic sports such as cycling. However, you should spend half an hour in the saddle three to five times a week.

Swimming Is The Perfect Full-Body Workout To Lose Weight

When you swim, you strengthen your whole body if you regularly swim lengths in the water. However, you should use different swimming styles for this. Breaststroke is especially good for chest, shoulder, arm and leg muscles. The crawl, on the other hand, strengthens your entire core.

Jogging Trains Endurance And Kills Calories

Above all, running trains your endurance. If your primary concern is health and fitness, you should go jogging three times a week. Important: It is best to plan one or two days for regeneration between training sessions.