Famous Health Myths Debunked

Published on 01/11/2021
Dark Chocolate

Famous Health Myths Debunked

As the years go by, more and more studies are conducted on various things. Naturally, health issues have been debated for a very long time now. There are certain famous health facts that it seems like everyone knows somehow. Well, a lot of these supposed facts are, in fact, false. We’ve tracked down some famous facts that aren’t true facts. We’re going to discuss why they aren’t true after all.

Chocolate Gives You Acne

This is false. Studies done have shown that this simply isn’t the case. In one study, scientists fed dozens of people candy bars for a month. These bars contained 10 times the usual amount of chocolate. Dozens of others were fed fake chocolate bars. When counting the zits before and after each diet, there was no difference between the groups. The chocolate and the fake chocolate had no effect on acne at all. So, next time you’re avoiding chocolate for this reason, think again.

Going Out With Wet Hair Will Make You Sick

While it does sound logical, it isn’t the case. You could have just showered and your hair is all cold and wet and you need to go out. This won’t up your probability of contracting a virus or cold. It turns out that leaving the house right after a shower won’t make you sick – unless you’re already sick. Research done has found that chilling the body does not increase the chance of getting infected with the common cold. Instead, it’s been found that chilling the body can cause the onset of symptoms – if the virus is already in the body. Essentially, going out with wet hair is only a risk if you’re already sick.

Everyone Needs To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day

It turns out that staying hydrated is not an exact science and not a one-size-fits-all situation. The human body is remarkably efficient when it comes to letting you know when something’s off. A lot of foods people eat on a regular basis contain water already. According to the CDC, a healthy person can meet their daily water needs by doing just two things: drinking when they’re thirsty and drinking with meals. It’s as easy as that!

Detoxing Is Needed

Detox diets, juices, teas, and the like and totally unnecessary. They might be immensely popular, but the idea that we can take action to detox our bodies is a total myth. In the medical sense, there is no need for anyone to detox their systems since our bodies are built to rid of toxins better than any diet or treatment can. The best way to protect the body’s detoxification process is by taking care of the liver and the kidneys which are the body’s main organs in detoxification. Avoid processed and packaged foods like fries, limit your sugary food intake, fatty foods, and alcohol. Also, drink plenty of water. That’s it.

Spicy Foods Will Give You Stomach Ulcers

Good news for all those who love spicy foods: eating spicy food will not cause stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers typically are resulted from infections due to the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria, not spicy food. There are other factors like family history, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption that can influence the risk of developing ulcers. However, if you already have an ulcer, it’s best to avoid eating spicy foods.